David Mára

David Mára



I'm a Creative Idea Maker &


Looking for unusual people and interesting projects

I have a huge amount of proven experience and knowledge from many fields, which I have intelligently combined into one perfectly functional whole. I am currently open to collaborating with unique people on unique projects on which I could self-actualize. I also have many of my own ideas to implement, but I need to find the right partners for that. If you are similar and looking for a business partner, get in touch. Let’s meet, chat, discuss all the possible and impossible and see if we are compatible or not. 


Acceleration: what I've already achieved

In my years of practice in many fields, I have already achieved quite good results


Realized Events


anxiety disorder freed people


Active Projects


Client Satisfaction


What I can do.

I only mention fields in which I am truly confident and have years of experience.

  • Music

    DJ - VJ - MUSICIAN (DRUMMER). I can use this skills in music production and various kind of work for entertainment / music industry.

  • Marketing

    MARKETING STRATEGY - SEO/SEM - ANALYTICS - GUERRILLA MARKETING. I can use this skills in any kind of marketing type of work.

  • Information Technology

    TECHNICAL CONSULTANCY - JOOMLA - WORDPRESS - WEB DEVELOPMENT - WEBDESIGN. I can use this skills for various roles in IT business 

  • Psychology & Sociology

    ANXIETY AND PANIC DISORDERS - SOCIOPATHY RESEARCH - SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT ON INTERPERSONAL BEHAVIOUR - DATING RESEARCH. I can use those skills in various kind of psychology and sociology related type of work

  • Translations & Copywriting
    I can use these skills in copywriting, editor work or ENG - CZ translations.
  • Management & Business Development

    I can use these skills as co founder, product owner, idea maker especially in business development area.

  • Social Media

    SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING - RESEARCH. I can use this experience in various types of business sectors.

  • Electrical Engineering & Microelectronics
    I can use this experience in various technical fields.
  • Headhunting / Human Resources
    I can use this experience in wide area of human resources.



Check out my specific work experience

Inizio Internet Media

2023 - Today

CEO Assistant & Consultant / Idea Maker / Product Designer

One day I was contacted by Honza Nedved, CEO of an interesting, marketing - science - technology company Inizio Internet Media, that he would like to give me call, and have a talk. Inizio is a 100 person company with hundreds of millions of crowns in turnover that, in addition to developing custom software internationally, owns and co-owns a genetics lab, a top marketing agency, and a whole series of excellent commercial web applications like Collabim, Fapi, Mioweb, Notify, Konverzky, and others. So we had a friendly, interesting chat, and a few days later an offer to work with him came, saying he'd like to give me a paid testing assignment first, which I only had a few days to do. I submitted the assignment and then immediately Honza offered me to work directly with him on a special position. I started working as his personal assistant, consultant, idea maker and product designer of one of his software products. He could practically assign me any task. From various analyses and studies, to working on HR, PR, marketing, finding companies to acquire, business negotiations with partners, designing new features for company software products, bugtracing, designing banners, negotiating with other collaborators or working on support. I've been working with Honza for many months now and I must say, he is an extremely interesting person and his company offer even more interesting work.

Started new 4 projects



Start working on new unique projects (currently under heavy development) Psychoblog.cz / UzkostnaPorucha.cz, Lidohled.cz and EventMaker.cz




Entertainment, rental, technical equipment and  event programme agency. 



Marketing / Production

Position in management of special private school for extremely talented young people.

Helion Market Research

2021 - present

Researcher/Analyst for CZ

My job was to quality control the work of multinational corporations operating in the country.

Lionbridge Technologies


Creative Copywriter / Translator

This job allowed me to work directly for foreign headquaters of giant multinational corporations as a creative copywriter and ENG to CZ translator, contributing to user manuals, ads, newspaper articles and website content.

Telus International


Social Media Analyst / Rater / Reviewer / QC

Through Telus, I had the opportunity to work directly for the world's largest search engine and the world's largest social network (I'm not allowed to mention names directly). I worked for the search engine as a social media analyst and evaluator. My job was to check for phishing, to check whether ads and websites contained objectionable or inappropriate content, to evaluate the level of political content or to verify the relevance and truthfulness of information, to check the content of ads and their relevance or to verify the accuracy of search results. I went deep into how search engines actually work and how they judge and evaluate content. For the largest social network, I checked ad campaigns, evaluated the quality of advertisers' services, the user-friendliness of their offers, the payment process, the quality of carriers.

Rock Café Prague


Sound Engineer / Resident DJ / Lighting Designer / Technician

I started working there right out of college. First as a DJ, then as a lighting engineer, and finally as a sound engineer and technician - under the guidance of legendary sound engineer Jarda Chaloupka (rest in peace). I had the honour to work with a number of top Czech and foreign bands at Rock Café and it was a crucial life experience for me.



Web Developer / SEO & SEM Expert / Hosting Provider / Domain Trader

I wanted to focus my interest and education in IT on business and so I started a web hosting on WHMCS platform and CMS Joomla. To run it professionally I needed to purchase a number of plugins and even WHMCS is not free. To avoid having to pay for it, I contacted the developers and had all the plugins translated into English in exchange for free lifetime licenses. To the web hosting services I added SEO and SEM consultancy, production of websites based on CMS WordPress and Joomla and a domain store. This captivated me for a while and I managed to capture and trade a number of interesting domains, many of which I still keep for my projects.



Chief Executive Officer

Our family agency. It was founded by my father Vladimir. He did full service advertising and marketing. I was involved in the agency from the early age of 16 and worked as his right hand man. We did everything from billboards, PR, TV commercials, radio spots, logo design, production of promotional items, marketing campaigns and design of tram and bus ads. BUT, unfortunately we were outbid by multinational advertising companies like Mark BBDO, Young & Ribicam, Ernst & Young and others. They were virtually impossible to compete with. So we gradually switched to the business of exporting soft drinks to the UK and Ireland, which we did very well. But then my father started having health problems and our whole agency went out of business.

DJ Maara


Disk Jockey (DJ) / Video Jockey (VJ) / Visual Artist

I have been a DJ since I was 15 years old. I have been lucky enough to be a resident DJ at legendary clubs such as Bunker, Rock Café, Uzi Bar, Legend, Batalion, Propast, Swamp, 007, 001, Misch Masch, Futurum, Hard Rock Café, Golem, La Loca, Blanice, Barrock, Harleys and many more. I started out on records and before that I was mixing classic cassettes as well, then switched to CDs. In Uzi bar I made one of the first rock & alternative video tapes in the Czech Rep. and mixed VHS clips there. Then I moved from clubs to private events - especially VIP weddings, corporate events and celebrations. Due to my overwhelming knowledge and material in music of all styles, cultures and decades in top CD quality, musical ear, musical education and active work as a musician, electrical engineering background, fluent English, extensive experience with foreigners and other cultures, experience as a sound and lighting designer and my own equipment, I offer unique comprehensive experience and expertise in this field. I have also been involved in the production of music for a TV show and participated in several remix competitions. As a VJ and Visual Artist I have participated in the scenography of corporate events and cultural events. With expensive equipment for that time, Videonics and later Edirol (Roland) V4 video mixers, I was equipped with several video cameras and went around various events to create a specific atmosphere to spice up the event. 

Royal Society Club Marrickville


Sound Engineer / Stage Manager

Good old Australia where I spent over 4 years of my life studying, working and travelling. After various jobs as a supermarket nightfiller, pizza delivery, pub waiter, construction worker, au pair or maintenance worker, I finally got to something better after learning English and started working as a sound engineer, lighting technician and stage manager at the RSl club in Marrickville, where I had the opportunity to learn how to operate advanced laser lighting systems that I would not have been able to access in the Czech Republic at the time.

David Mara


Information Technology Technician

One of the better jobs I had the opportunity to do while studying and living in Australia. I made my living as a private IT technician. I assembled people's computers, installed operating systems, troubleshooted BIOS and MS-DOS problems, installed modems and programs, and wired simple LANs.



On Site Installation Technician / Technical Support Sales Person

One of my first serious jobs in my life. As a fresh graduate of electrical engineering with a high school diploma, I joined this then actually starting company as a sales assistant and installation technician. It was at that time that I discovered how much I really enjoyed interacting with people. Yeah, those were the days. Pafka ..and actually all the founders - Sláma, Bádal, Soukup, Butler (Datart founders) were cool. At the time I joined Datart they only had two stores besides CD and VHS rental. On Budějovická and Anděl. I still have a t-shirt with the original amazing intertwined AD logo hidden at home - where does the current one go. Today's Datart, which belongs to the HP Tronic group, can't really be compared to the original one - the pleasant atmosphere of an underground start-up with a few people is long gone.

Lidohled.cz / SeznamovaciAgent.cz



Since early childhood, I have been entertained and fascinated by human behaviour and interaction. As early as kindergarten, I used to draw people's interactions and colour their behaviour and mood. At the age of 12, I started going around the neighborhood with my surveys of opinions and insights on all sorts of things, which I still have today. Psychology and sociology has been my greatest hobby all my life and I have been able to apply everything I have learned and taught to my practical life. My business in event management but also web development was based on the perfect selection of collaborators and suppliers. So I had to function as a headhunter/HR for my own company at the same time. However, I had a much harder time because extraordinary people and especially artists and ayticians are very specific and eccentric. To select and analyze the potential of such people well, one has to adopt quite atypical approaches, have empathy, innate psychological talent and high social and emotional intelligence. Many people in my fields of interest also have various psychological atypicalities such as Asperger's syndrome and sociopathic personality traits. The typical headhunter/HR process and worker is not equipped to understand or test these types of people properly. The process of selecting those exceptional people completely consumed me. It is a job I would like to do much more of and so I am now starting a headhunter service not only for myself but commercially for everyone. I am currently finalising a web portal for this purpose. Along with this I want to focus more on interpersonal matchmaking, which I have also been doing for years in the form of a dedicated matchmaking agency and portal that is unparalleled in the world so far. I have been studying human behaviour in this regard for over 20 years and have set up several special groups on Facebook with tens of thousands of members for this research purpose.


Main education

Secondary school of electrical engineering and microelectronics. Graduation in 1984 at Prague

College of fine arts - drums. Certificate of completion in 1992.

Australian International College of Business - Information Technologies. Diploma of education in 2000.

Australian International Language School. Advanced English - Certificate IV in 1998.

College of Economic Studies. Quit school after one year. Study not completed.


Skills I have collected
over the years



WordPress / Joomla


Computer Hardware


Sound Engineering


DJ & General Music Overview


Marketing & Advertising


Musician (Drums)


Event Management


Social Media


Writing Skills / Copywriting


English Language


Czech Language


Usual Software Skills (Word, Windows ...)


Specialized Software Skills (music, graphic ...)


Electrical Engineering


Business Development / Sales


Empathy & Communication Skills








Critical Thinking





Active Projects

Active work projects including those in final stage of development


Selected Clients



What my clients
say about me?


What I like








New Technologies






Active Life


What's my idea of earnings?

I have a clear idea of how much a person should earn nowadays in order to be able to live in dignity and fulfil their life goals. Following is my minimum.

  • Full-Time

    CZK 250.000


    Remote / In House (Hybrid)

    Company Shares


    Work Equipment


CZK 5.000

/each hour


Do you have questions?

A few answers to your possible questions

  • What kind of projects are you interested in?

    Anything interesting, unusual, original, useful. Whether it's a mobile app, a tangible object, a web portal, a computer game or a music project.

  • What position would you be interested in?

    Co-founder, Founder, Music producer, Business developer, Chief executive officer (CEO), Chief marketing officer (CMO), Headhunter / Human Resources, Psychology/Sociology researcher, Dating & interpersonal behaviour expert, Event manager. Basically, I'm open to any interesting collaboration

  • Are you willing to relocate for work?

    I am unable to answer this question responsibly. Maybe yes, maybe no, it depends on the interest of the project and the financial evaluation. For now I would prefer to stay in Prague.

  • Can you work full time?

    It depends on the interest of the project and the financial evaluation. Currently I am not unemployed and working on my own projects, but if I come across a really interesting person, interesting team and project I am able to change everything and work full time.


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